Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ture Life: I'm Addicted to YouTube Bloggers

So clearly I am addicted to bloggers, or I wouldn't be here, trying to live the blogging dream. My most recent addiction though is YouTube. I am such a LOVER of these youtubers. I love all things beauty, and my husband has been out of town, so I have had some serious time on my hands. When I say that I mean, like hours on end.

This addiction stared a LONG time ago, but I ran out of time when I was planning the wedding, and such. I have fallen back in love with all of my ladies, and found a ton of new fav ladies.

I started back in the day watching Dulce Candy, Casey Holmes (aka itsblondie), MissGlamorazzi, SMLxO, Nicole Guerriero and Carli byBel before they were these huge sensations I still love them but I have recently found some new lovies, like Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins and MakeupByAlli. I literally spend hours watching these girls, even some times trying to go back to their first videos saying, OK I could totally do this. Who am I kidding, I can hardly draw on eyeliner. I mean really. I in total follow 43 beauty gurus on youtube. Some of them I don't watch that often and some I literally check daily to see when there next video comes out.

Young girls these days have it made. I mean, if I had some of these girls in my life when I was in my teens, I would have spent at least ten less years being awkward. I mean hell, I am older than most of these girls and still have learned all of my makeup, skin and beauty tips from them.

So shout out to these ladies. Love you All, and I am officially addicted. Check them all out on youtube, not that they need me to promote them!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oscars: Best Dressed

My Best Dressed Goes To.......

Kate Hudson 
Charliez Theron

I mean I DIE......Kate Wore a wonderful Atelier Versace dress and Charlize wore Christian Dior. Honestly amazing. So beautiful, fitted to a T. Different enough to make a statement, but not so out there that you wonder WTF they were thinking, and why they are trying so hard to be "different"

Bravo ladies, Bravo! There were so many dresses I was unimpressed by...we just wont go there. coughAngelinacough.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skin Chronicles: Just Face It

Ok, so over the past few months, and honestly I have been struggling with acne, dermatologists would most likely not consider me "acne prone" but it has been enough to drive me out of my mind trying to solve it. My skin is combination, T-Zone drama, per usual.  I felt like the more I used acne products and try to take care of my skin the more I would break out. I usually break in my T zone, and mainly when I travel or around the 15th of every month or...if you know what I mean. God forbid they the travel and the 15th come at the same time..goodbye hopes and dreams of clear skin. That's not to say that I did not break out at other times, due to stress, or when I really get into a good gym routine, the sweat always breaks me out. I mean I can't win, I go to the gym everyday, go me, but then my skin goes nuts, my body looks good and my face and back look like a teenagers, UGH! I really tried to get my skin in order before my wedding this October, but lets be honest, it was a stressful time in my life planning my wedding, and with all that I had to do, really truly getting my skin in order was just not going to happen. A big thank you to my makeup artist at the wedding, for making my skin look like I had not been stressing for the past 2 years..

I had finally had it about two months ago, I just couldn't take it any more. I felt like I had tried everything, proactive, giant fail, dermatologist recommended over the counter items, fail. I tried retinA, it just make my skin peel and become red like it was wind burned, fail. So I went looking online and looked to my trusty beauty gurus on youtube (guilty obsession). With that I decided to try the line of Mario Badescu products, most everyone highly recommended the items so I went out to purchase the whole line, because why only go part way. I needed to be all in.

The image above is all of the items I purchased. Luckily they had a little starter kit at ULTA, so I did not buy the full size of a few of the items (Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer), which was really nice to be able to give it a try. I promised to follow the directions exactly how they read on the package, which I am known for only doing for a day, and then giving up.I washed my face twice a day with the acne cleanser, toned with the special cucumber lotion, used the oil free moisturizer, the holy grail drying lotion. Then every day switching between the face masks, the drying mask, and the healing & soothing mask. I also tried out the well known silver powder for black heads, and the whitening mask for my hyper-pigmentation that I had from all of the old acne in between.

Well, I have no good news. I broke out more, and they were the big under the skin kind that take forever to get rid of and hurt like a SOB, I told my self in the beginning that my skin was "purging" but about a week and a half later I was over the purging, not to mention my skin was so dry, peeling, not raidient, and not clear. Maybe I did not give the products a long enough time, but I wanted results, I wasn't ready to do all the work and get no rewards. I do not dislike the products individually, but I think together they just were not for my skin. I will for sure still use the masks, and the drying lotion, lets hope I don't need it.

So after that fail, I decided to really figure this out. I ended up purchasing a book online that they use in school for esthetician's about acne. I am totally that person who needs to do their own research. So in one weekend I read the whole book, learned all about my skin, all the layers, what causes acne, all the technical terms, and what I needed to get rid of it. I think my largest take away was that I just need to take care of my skin, and it will take care of me, not use all of these harsh chemicals, its like putting baking powder in soda water, #explosion.

I have since then, started exfoliating about three times a week with organic sugar and raw organic honey (great for your whole body, not just your face, a good recipe is here) Using purity face wash, from philosophy. I jumped on the argan oil bandwagon and started to use Josie Maran 100% argan oil, I bought samples of both the light formula and the regular (the set I got was the 100% argon oil with radiance and the argon oil for the hair $16 from sephora). I am using Laura Mercier eye lotion and face lotion. I also started taking a hair, skin & nails vitamin, along with cod liver oil and drinking 3 tbs a day of raw apple cider vinegar, (you can also use it as a skin toner). Some benefit links listed below.

Benefit Links Below:
Raw Honey

Argan Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cod Liver Oil

My skin is SO happy. Finally! I have only been doing this for about 2 weeks, so it is really hard to tell, but so far I have been so so happy. I think the true test will be when the 15th rolls around, no travel for work until April. I am so happy I did my research and can use some organic/natural products. I am totally not that type of person, all into the organic craze, because lets be honest I can't afford it, my husband eats like a horse! I promise to give another update once I am a month or two in.

Any other organic/clean product suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

Friday, October 25, 2013

50 Brands Young Women LOVE the Most

I recently came across this article in Business Insider, about the 50 Brands that young women love the most. When you keep reading you will realize by brands they really mean Brands, not just clothing, its everything. Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue joined forces to poll over 1,200 Teen Vogue 'It Girls' on somewhere around 350 brands, based on awareness, favorability and word of mouth. Which is an important part of the social media world we live in today, brands make it or break it when it comes to social media. 

"Millennials — those born between 1980 and 2000 — will therefore be more "discriminating shoppers," and brands will have to compete more heavily in terms of product and messaging"

One thing I do think is how mind blowing it is the amount of much buying power our 'Millennials' generation has, the fact that our generation will compare and contrast, and shop until we find the right item, not just because of the label on the tag, that fact alone makes us that much more powerful, and I do think most brands need to recognize that. As a generation we are changing the ways of the world, brands used to be able to do whatever they wanted, and people would buy because of the name on the tag, now us girls, and guys, will shop around, educate ourselves, and go online and weigh the pro's and con's of what we are getting, and what other brands that are sell the same exact thing for less have to offer. The article also threw in the fact that we have less money than the baby boomer generation, and are more likely to use credit cards...uhhh so true...hashtag guilty. 

While I am not overly surprised at the results below and I probably could have rattled off a handful of these, maybe not in the correct order, but close enough. Not to mention a lot of my personal favorites are on here as well. Take a peek; do you agree?

Top 50 Brands:

1. Forever 21 
2. Victoria's Secret
3. PINK Victoria's Secret
4. Sephora
5. H&M
6. Converse
7. Target
8. Urban Outfitters
9. MAC cosmetics
10. Bath & Body Works
11. Maybelline
12. eos
13. Neutrogena
14. Chanel
15. Louis Vuitton
16. Essie
17. OPI
18. Macy's
19. Nike
20. Marc Jacobs
21. CoverGirl
22. American Eagle Outfitters
23. Nordstrom
24. Burt's Bees
25. Coach
26. Michael Kors
27. UGG
28. Vans
29. Topshop
30. PacSun
31. Juicy Couture
32. Tiffany & Co.
33. Toms Shoes
34. Vera Wang
35. Free People
36. Dove
37. Urban Decay
38. Sally Hansen
39. Burberry
40. Kate Spade
41. Clinique
42. Sperry
43. Ralph Lauren
44. Ulta
45. Keds
46. Gucci
47. Jimmy Choo
48. Prada
49. Guess 
50. Dolce & Gabbana

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Haul: Beauty

I spent part of my weekend this weekend in Connecticut, my husband, (eek!) had to work all weekend, so I went home to CT to play in my high school alumni field hockey game, man it has been a long time since I was in high school, anyways...after I did some shopping with my mom. She picked up a new purse from Michael Kors, that she has been wanting for a long time.  We also picked up some new beauty products.I have been quite out of the loop with my wedding blinders on, so now I have a lot of catching up to do. All these items I have been eyeing for a while, especially now that I have had some time on my hands to watch some of my favorite youtube gurus and catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

These are the items I brought home with me, A new Beauty Blender, aka the life changer, I have heard this little piece of foam will change your make up life, I have tried a knock off version, not so good, so hopefully this little lovely does it for me. Essie nail polish in, Ballet Slippers - Mac Concealer palate, in light - Mac Lipsick in Rebel - Lipliner in Nightmoth and Benefit Cosmetics - POREfressional Primer.

Benefit Cosmetics - The POREfessional primer, says it reduces the appearance of pores. I have tried a bunch a primers in the past, but none have really gotten me hooked. I have been hearing a lot about this benefit one, and figured I would give it a try, especially in the fall and winter months, I tend to wear heaver make up, or just makeup in general. 

 These two lip items were my most coveted, I can not wait to try an ombre lip with these. 
Mac Rebel Lipsick with Nighmoth Lipliner. I have seen a few toutorials with these two colors and I am really loving the look they give, and the option you have. We will see how it goes. 

I have a lot more catching up to do, but these make me feel a little better, I am not officaly back in the loop, now I just need to clean out all of my closets, and get my wardrobe back in order, I currently only have new items in white...hrmph
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